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Oil & Gas


Atlas provides quick manufacturing turnaround to customer needs for Oil and Gas Drilling and Production Operations which includes:

Manufacture and Repair of Drill Through Equipment

  • Drilling Spools
  • Wellhead Flanges
  • Adaptors
  • Double studded adaptors
  • Tie down adaptors
  • Test stumps

Drilling Tools

  • Casing and tubing, drill stem pipe and accessories
  • Pup joints, crossovers, couplings, drifts, mandrels, threaded protectors, nipples, test plugs, test caps, shooting nipples, circulating heads, mule shoes
  • Crossover subs (bit subs, float subs, lift subs, saver subs, swivel subs, drill stem subs, Kelly saver subs, pump-in subs etc.)

Aboveground Storage Tanks and Pumping Units

  • Mud Tanks
  • Water Tanks
  • Frac Tanks
  • Mud Mixing Units
  • Batch Mixers